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Prof. Sami Al-Mudhaffar


Prof. Sami Al-Mudhaffar was born on 14 March 1940, in Basrah/Iraq. He received early education at Basrah high school, and then joined the University of Baghdad and earned the BSc Hons. Degree in science in 1959-60.

In September 1962, he proceeded to USA (University of Virginia Tech.) for advanced studies under merit assistantship awarded by this University. Dr Al-Mudhaffar returned to Iraq in September 1967 after obtaining the PhD Degree. On return from abroad, he was posted to the University of Basrah on teaching and research assignment as a lecturer in college of science. In 1971, Dr Sami was promoted as assistant professor and in 1979 as a professor of Biochemistry at Baghdad University.

Dr Sami A. Al-Mudhaffar is one of the senior most biochemist of Iraq. He has played an important role in promoting Biochemistry and related subjects such as Molecular Biotechnology research in Iraq. He has worked with complete dedication in research in Biochemical science.

Dr Al-Mudhaffar is mainly responsible for initiating and establishing many scientific and educational bilateral programmes with scientific organizations and laboratories of the advanced world.

From 1968 till 2006 Prof. Sami Al-Mudhaffar was lecturing to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the college of science, University of Basrah and University of Baghdad. He was a scientific supervisor of 50 Ph D’s and 100 Master’s students in the field of Biochemistry and related subjects.

He has published more that 50 inventions and 250 scientific papers. He had so far over 44 years of teaching experience in different branches of Biochemistry to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He established several specialized fields, such as clinical enzymology, hormones receptors and tumor markers.

Despite enormous problems, he has been largely successful in his endeavours to develop scientific tradition in the country and for bringing the research level in certain areas at par with many of the advanced countries. His guidance and active participation in the promotion of scientific activities has resulted in the formation of a sound base for the growth of the scientific culture in the country.

He is a member of the Iraqi Academy of Science and the Islamic World Academy of Science. His guidance and active participation in the promotion of  scientific activities has resulted in the formation of a sound base for the growth of the scientific culture in the country.He was awarded several prizes and medals for his activities in both science and culture.

Prof. Al-Mudhaffar was elected as president of Baghdad University and then  appointed as minister of education in June 2004, having previously served as deputy of the minister. Then in June 2005, he was chosen as minister  of higher education.