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Prof. Pulat Khabibullaev


Prof. Pulat Khabibullaev was born in Andijan, Uzbekistan, on 14 October 1936. He is married.

Dr Khabibullaev was a student at the Middle Asia State University, Tashkent (1955-1960), a post-graduate at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute (1960-1963), lecturer in Physics at the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute (1963-1972), Rector of the Andijan Cotton-Growing Institute (1972-1975), Vice-President and then President of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences (1978-1984), Academician of the UAS (1984), Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1984), Chairman of the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan (1984-1988), chief editor of the Uzbek Journal of Physics (1986- the present), Director of the Institute for Nuclear Physics of the UAS (1976-1988), Head of the Heat Physics Department of the Institute of Applied Laser Physics of the UAS (1989 – todate), and Chairman of the Committee for International Affairs of the Parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1995-1997). Since July 1994, Dr Khabibullaev has been Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of Uzbekistan.

Prof. Khabibullaev has over 300 scientific papers as well as 12 monographs to his credit. He has been involved as a supervisor or secondary supervisor with over 100 Ph.D. and DSc theses.

He was nominated as an Academician of the Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation (1992); Academician of the International Academy of Central Asia (IACA, Uzbekistan, 1993); then full member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences (IHEAS, Russia, 1995); Academician of the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences (PAS, 1997); Academician of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials (APAM, Sendai, Japan, 1998) and Member of the Materials Research Society of India (MRSI, Hyderabad). He is also an elected Fellow of the Islamic Academy of Sciences, who has received the following honours:.

State Prize of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, 1993).
Prize and Big Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO, Geneva, 1985).
Honoured Man of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, 1993).
Prize and Big Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO, Geneva, 1996).
Prof. Khabibullaev lists the following as his specific fields of scientific interest: (a) Acoustics and Optics, (b) Heat Physics and Liquid Physics; and (c) Laser and Radiation Material Science.