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Prof. Najih Mohamed Khalil El-Rawi


Born in Rawa, Iraq, on 4 April 1935.

He obtained his BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Wales in Cardiff (UK) in 1957, his MSc in 1963 from Purdue University (Indiana, USA) in Road Engineering, and his PhD from the Oklahoma State University in Civil Engineering (Soil Stabilization) (1967).

Dr El-Rawi started his career, as an instructor at the University of Baghdad in 1967, became an Assistant Professor in 1971 and Full Professor in 1980. He became an Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering in 1990.

He was dean of the Higher Institute of Industrial Engineering (University of Baghdad), 1968-1969; dean of the College of Industry (currently the Technological University), 1969-1970; Member of the Bureau of Educational Affairs, Revolutionary Command Council, 1974-1975; and Member of the Council of Higher Education, 1970-1974 and 1980-1985.

Prof. El-Rawi was a Member of the Board of Trustees of Al-Mustansiryah University, 1970-1974; President of the Council of Scientific Research (Ministerial Level), 1980-1989; Member of the Board of Trustees of the Arabian Gulf University – Bahrain, 1986-1989; and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Teachers Union University College, 1990-1996.

He served as Deputy Minister of Municipalities (1974); Deputy Minister of Public Works and Housing, 1974-1977; Minister of Industry and Minerals, 1977-1978; and Member of a number of boards of administration of several industries. He was president of the following national committees in Iraq; Technology Transfer (1984-1989), Man and the Biosphere (1980-1989), International Geological Correlation Programme (1980-1989), and Geophysics and Geodesy (1982-1989).

Prof. El-Rawi is a former Head of the Union of Arab Educators (1983-1989), and is a former Member of the Council of the World Federation of Educators (1973-1974) and (1979-1982). He is a Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (1967), the Iraq Engineering Society (1959), and an Associate Member of the Society Sigma-Xi since 1967.

Prof. El- Rawi has published many articles and studies and is a Founding Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (1986).

He was the president of the Iraqi Academy of Sciences (1996-2000).

Areas of Research:

1. Soil Stabilization;
2. Highway Materials; and
3. Engineering Education & Transfer of Technology.

Most important research papers:

  • Najih M El-Rawi, T Allan Haliburton, and Robert L Janes, “Effect of Compaction Method on Strength Parameters of Soil-Cement.” American Society of Civil Eng. Journal of Soil Mech. and Foundation Division. SM6, Nov 1967.
  • Najih M El-Rawi, T A Haliburton & R L Janes, “Effect of Compaction Method on Strength Parameters of Soil-Cement Mixtures.” Highway Research Record No. 225, Highway Research Board, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, 1968.
  • Najih M El-Rawi “Correlation of Properties of Iraqi Limestone.” Highway Research Record No. 447, Highway Research Board, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, 1973.
  • Najih M El-Rawi & H I Al-Saleem, “Sulfur-Asphalt as Soil Stabilizer,” Transportation Research Record 733, Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, 1979.
  • Najih M El-Rawi and Amir A A Awad, “Permeability of Lime Stabilized Soils,” American Society of Civil Engineers. Transportation Eng. Journal, Vol. 107, TE 1, January 1981.
  • Najih M El-Rawi and Ali Aloush, “Strength and Thermal Proprieties of Plain and Reinforced Soil-Cement,” Journal of Islamic World Academy of Sciences, Volume 8 1997 (Number 3 1995).