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The number of publications originating from the Islamic World is very small. Publications, whether in the form of scientific articles, books or monographs are generally in very short supply.
The IAS realising the need for such publications, has committed itself to publish a series of books/monographs that address contemporary scientific issues in a fresh and concise manner.


Islamic Thought and Modern Science (1998)

The first of these publications is a book by the late M A Kazi. 

Food Security In The Muslim World        CONTENTS:
  • The Islamic Worldview of Knowledge;
  • Islamic Epistemology and Theory of Knowledge;
  • Food Security Status in the MuslimReflection, Reason, Revelation;
  • A Critique of Modern Science and Religion;
  • March of Modern Science and Technology;
  • Islamic Society and Scientific Development;
  • Islamization of Knowledge and Islamic Science;

Qur'anic Concepts and Scientific Theories (1999)

The second of these publications is also a book by the late M A Kazi.

Food Security In The Muslim World        CONTENTS:
  • Creation of the Universe;
  • Creation of the Mankind;
  • Space-Time Continuum;
  • Symmetry and Existence of Pairs;
  • Day of Resurrection;
  • Environmental Degradation;
  • Bioethics of Medical Sciences.

Islamic World Academy of Sciences Outreach

Editor: Moneef. R. Zou'bi. (ISBN: 9957-412-10-8)

New Technologies And Development Of The Muslim World        CONTENTS:
  • Preface;
  • Address of His Royal Highness Prince Al-Hassan Ibn Talal of Jordan, Founding Patron of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences;
  • Address of Dr Abdel Salam Majali FIAS, President, Islamic World Academy of Sciences;
  • Address of Dr Khaled Shuraydeh, Secretary General, Jordan Higher Council of Science and Technology;
  • Address of Dr Murad Bino, Executive Director, Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management;
  • Lobbying for S&T and Technology in Decision-making Circles: The Islamic World Academy of Sciences as an example, Mr Moneef R. Zou'bi, Director General, Islamic World Academy of Sciences; and
  • Status of Science & Technology in the Arab Region: A Graphical Sketch, Dr Adnan Badran FIAS, Treasurer of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences.

Declarations of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences

Editor: Moneef. R. Zou'bi. (ISBN: 9957-412-09-4)

Technology Transfer For Development In The Muslim World        CONTENTS:
  • Preface.
  • IAS-Malaysia 2005 Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Science, Technology and Innovation;
  • IAS 2003 Kuching Declaration on Energy for Sustainable Development;
  • IAS 2002 Islamabad Declaration on Materials Science and Technology;
  • IAS 2001 Rabat Declaration on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering;
  • IAS 2000 Tunis Declaration on Information Technology;
  • IAS 1999 Tehran Declaration on Science and Technology Education;
  • IAS 1994 Khartoum Declaration on Water in the Islamic World;
  • IAS 1993 Dakar Declaration on Health, Nutrition and Development;
  • IAS 1992 Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Environment and Development;
  • IAS 1991 Amman Declaration on Science and Technology Manpower Development;
  • IAS 1990 Antalya Declaration on Technology Transfer for Development;
  • IAS 1989 Kuwait Declaration on New Technologies and the Development;
  • IAS 1988 Islamabad Declaration on Science and Technology Policy; and
  • IAS 1987 Amman Declaration on Food Security.


Intellectual Property Rights: An Introduction for Scientists and Technologists

Editor: Mohamed B. E. Fayez, (ISBN: 9957-412-15-9)

Science And Technology Manpower In The Islamic World


  • Introduction;
  • Categories of Intellectual Property;
  • The International Legal Framework;
  • Rights Associated With Intellectual Property;
  • The Pre-Eminence of Trade Considerations;
  • Significance of the Horizontal Provisions in the Trips Agreement;
  • Existing TRIPS Flexibilities and Exceptions;
  • Protection of Inventions by Patenting;
  • The Exclusive Rights Conferred by Patents;
  • Issues Arising from Disputes over Process Patents;
  • Invention Patent Term;
  • The Practical Significance of the Disclosure Provision;
  • Undisclosed Information and Trade Secrets;
  • Effects in Transfer of Technology Agreements;
  • Confronting the More Important Pressures Posed by the Agreement;
  • Trips' Checks and Balances; and
  • The Critical Role of the National R and D Establishment.

Reverse Engineering: The Permissible But Not Well-Recognized

Editor: Mohamed B. E. Fayez, (ISBN 978-9957-412-20-3)

Science And Technology Manpower In The Islamic World


    • Introduction;
    • The Quest for Science Research;
    • Technological Development in Industry and Reverse;
    • Engineering;
    • The Problématique;
    • Reverse Engineering The Topic;
    • The Need for Reverse Engineering;
    • The Many Aspects of Reverse Engineering;
    • Aspects of Morality;
    • Legal Considerations;
    • Undisclosed Information;


الاكتشافات العلمية في الحضارة الإسلامية



$سعر الكتاب 20


  • مقدمة الطبعة العربية: أكاديمية العالم الإسلامي للعلوم

  • مقدمة المؤلف

  • مقدمة الطبعة الإنجليزية

  • مقدمة المركز الدولي للعلوم والتكنولوجيا والإبداع/ ماليزيا

  • فكرة هذا الكتاب

  • تمهيد

  • العلم في التطبيق العملي: تاريخ نابض بالحياة .

  • شـعاع الضـوء

  • الدورة الرئوية

  • قوس قزح

  • الأسطرلاب

  • التناظـر

  • مضخة الماء

  • معمل التقطير

  • ميزان الحكمة