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Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering for Development in the Islamic World

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering for Development in the Islamic World

Proceeding of the eleventh international conference, Rabat (Morocco) (2001) – Published by the Islamic Academy of Sciences.
Editors: A S Majali (Jordan), M Ergin (Turkey), Moneef R. Zou’bi
(Jordan) (ISBN 9957-412-07-8). 


  •  IAS Declaration;
  •  Opening Statements;
  • Contemporary Issues In Information Technology;
  • Biotechnology in the Developing World
  • Biotechnology in the Islamic World: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Biotechnology for Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Biotechnology: The Discovery of Disease Causing Genes and the Treatment of Inherited Diseases in Man
  • Technical Aspects of Genetic Engineering: Current and Future Trends
  • New Opportunities for Novel Drugs and Vaccines against HIV/AIDS based on the Structure and Functions of the HIV Accessory Proteins Nef and Vpr
  • Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Tumours: A Perspective
  • The Candidate Genes of Cardiovascular Diseases: Study of the Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein and of the Apolipoprotein E Polymorphism
  • Advances in Cancer Gene Therapy
  • Biotechnology in the Palm Oil Industry: The Experience of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
  • Use of Biotechnology and Molecular Tools for Crop Improvement and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Application of RT-RCR Technology for Detection of Bluetongue and Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Viruses
  • Biotechnology Research and Development in Tunisia
  • Development of the Biotechnology Sector: The Iraq Perspective
  • Present Status and Future Prospects of Biotechnology in Sudan with Special Reference to Veterinary Medicine
  • Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water in Bangladesh
  • Common Characteristics of the Required Strategy in Biotechnology in Islamic Countries: Educational, Scientific and Economic Aspects
  • Genetic Engineering and the Ecobalance
  • Conservation and Utilization of Genetic Resources: An Issue for the Developing World
  • Some Educational Activites in Biotechnology in Iraq
  • Islam and Biology
  • The Twenty First Century is a Century of Biology: Prospects and Challenges
  • Ethical Issues of Genetic Engineering: An Islamic Perspective
  • Convergence and Divergence between Religious Thought and Rational/Scientific Thought in Islam: A Preliminary Survey
  • Biotechnology and Health

BC 126/1/2003;Hardcover 505 pages,
17*25 cm, English, Illustrated,2001.
US $ 30.00