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The University of Jordan (UJ) has awarded an Honorary Doctorate to IAS President, Prof. Abdul Salam Majali FIAS

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الأردنية تمنح المجالي درجة الدكتوراه الفخرية في العلوم الإدارية -1

In the presence of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Ensour, The University of Jordan (UJ) on Tuesday has awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Management Science to former Prime Minister, Prof. Abdul Salam Majali, President, IAS, for his contribution to science and knowledge for over 50 years.

“We are honoring a national figure, a march of accomplishments and a man who had a fingerprint in all positions he held and used to serve the nation,” Tarawneh said in a speech he delivered in a grand ceremony held for this occasion.
According to Tarawneh, UJ sought to honor Majali being a model for pioneering political behavior and a role model for all generations in our beloved country.
The president recited the Council of Deans’ order to award Prof. Majali an honorary doctorate degree in Management Science based on UJ’s policy on the awarding of degrees and honorary degrees and certificates.
Majali held several renowned positions in Jordan including Minister of Health, Minister of Education, and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs.
Majali made many contributions on the national, regional and international levels. He helped in passing and developing a number of national laws. Furthermore, he was the first doctor to hold a military rank and the fist president of the Jordanian Royal Medical Services.
Majali helped expanding education in Jordan. He participated in founding all of the University of Jordan and Princess Muna College of Nursing for the Jordanian Armed Forces. Moreover, Al-Majali was the president of The University of Jordan for 14 years during which he brought in the Credit Hours system.
Also, Majali has participated in many WHO and UNESCO conferences, and presided over the Jordanian delegation to the peace negotiations in the Middle East in 1991.
In his speech Prof. Majali recalled the founding of The University of Jordan in 1962 as one of the most important milestones at the time of His Majesty the Late King Hussein bin Talal, May God rest his soul.
Majali also urged universities to promote higher education and research centers by introducing smart environments that contribute to the development of scientific research aimed to boost development and production, In addition to promoting freedom, dialogue and respect among students on campus.
Majali expressed appreciation for UJ on this honoring, commending the first generation faculty and staff who was the principal force behind the development of The University of Jordan.
Prof. Kamel Ajlouni, Director of the National Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Genetics (NCDEG), delivered a speech in which he commended the biography of Majali since he was a medical doctor in the Armed Forces until he became Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense during the Arab-Israeli peace negotiations.
Tarawneh handed Prof. Majali the Honorary Doctorate in the presence of Jordan’s Senate President Abdul Raouf Rawabdeh and a number of current and former ministers, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. Khaled Touqan and a number of heads of Jordanian universities, as well as the Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities and senior staff at the University.