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Badran-GIt is with a sense of sadness and sorrow that the President and the Director General of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS) in Amman, Jordan; announce the passing away of the eminent Egyptian  scientist: Prof. Ibrahim Badran, Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences. He was 91.

He obtained his M. B. CH. (1947) and his MCh & MD (1951), both from the University of Cairo, Egypt. He has also been awarded Honorary Doctorates from Menoufia University, Egypt (1983) and the American University in Cairo, Egypt (1988).

Prof. Badran has been a University Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Cairo University (since 1966), and President of Cairo University (1978-1980). During this time he has established one of the biggest medical schools in surgery, and is known as the Father of Surgery in Egypt. He served as the Egyptian Minister of Health (1976-1978).

He was President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (1980-1984), Chairman of the Specialized Research Council of Medical Sciences (since 1984), Chairman of the National Social Services Council (since 1996), a member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, a member of the Islamic Research Organization at Al-Azhar University (since 1995), a member of the Medical Consultants Group to the WHO, a member of the Medical Consultants of the Armed Forces Hospitals, a member of the Board of Governors of the Islamic Medical Sciences Organization in Kuwait, a member of the Permanent Committee of the Holy Qur’an Scientific Miracles Organization, a Founding Fellow of the Centre of Holy Qur’an Medical Miracles in Kuwait, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and Chairman of the Specialized National Council for Medicine in Egypt. He was an Honorary Fellow of the World Surgeons Faculty (1990).

Prof. Badran has given presentations and participated in more than 150 international conferences on medical sciences, science and technology, the development of human resources and higher education policy. He represented Egypt and chaired sessions in most of these conferences. He has authored 120 scientific papers on surgery and articles on a range of other medical and social disciplines. He is author of seven books dealing with health policy in Egypt, the future of scientific research, the development of university education and the development of human resources.

He has been awarded the Republic Order First Grade, Egypt (1983), Honorable Order, France (1983), and the Order of Recognition First Grade, Egypt (1985) and was recently honoured by President Sisi.

Prof. Badran was elected as a Fellow of the IAS in 2001.

Prof. Ibrahim Badran will be greatly missed by his colleagues and fellow scientists in Egypt and the Islamic World. “Ina Lillah Wa Ina Ilaihi Raj’oon.”

IAS President, Fellows and staff offer their heartfelt condolences to his family and friends through the World.