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Science and Technology Policy for Self-Reliance in the Muslim World

Proceedings of the second international conference, Islamabad (Pakistan) (1988) – Published by the Islamic Academy of Sciences.
Editors: F Daghestani (Jordan), H El-Mulki (Jordan), M Al-Halaiqa (Jordan).

Science And Technology Policy For Self-Reliance In The Muslim World


  • Opening Statements;
  • Introduction and Summary;
  • Science and Technology Policy: Main Issues;
  • Endogenous Capacity Building in Science and Technology in Developing Countries during the past decade;
  • Importance of Science and Technology for Socio-Economic Development;
  • Science and Technology Policy Formulation, Planning and Implementation;
  • Orientation of Education and Training Policies Towards Science and Technology Self-Reliance in Islamic Countries;
  • Effective Linkages Between Research and Development and the Economic Sector: Effective Means, Methods, Requirements and Organizations;
  • The Vienna Programme of Action: The Arab Experience in Science and Technology Cooperation;
  • Science and Technology Policy in Selected Countries;