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Prof. Muthana Shanshal

Name                       Muthana Abdul-Jabbar Shanshal

Born                         7, 3, 1943,  in Baghdad, Iraq

School                      1948- 1954, Tatbikat Darul Mualimeen, Baghdad

Second. School        1954- 1959, Baghdad College

Academic Stud

April 1960       Beginning of the undergraduate study of Chemistry at the Technical University Stuttgart, Germany.

July 1962        Obtaining the Vordiplom in Chemistry at the T.H. Stuttgart.

Feb. 1965        Obraining the Hauptdiplom in Chemistry at the T.H. Stuttgart.

Oct. 1967        Awarded the “Dr. rer. Nat.” in Chemistry from the T.H. Stuttgart; Topic for both Dr. and Dip. Thesis was “Umwandlung Reaktion von Purin Glykosiden zu Pteridin Glykosiden”; Supervisor, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pfleiderer, Stuttgart.

Postdoctoral Study.

Dec. 1967- N0v. 1969            Joined the Theoretical Chemistry group of Prof. Dr. M.J.S. Dewar, University of Austin, Texas, USA as a postdoctoral research associate, working in the field of Valance Shell Molecular Orbital Theory. Special achievement was the first Hartree-Fock calculated Transition States of organic chemical reactions

Dec. 1969- Nov. 1972 Worked as “Wissenschaflicher Mitarbeiter” at the Institut fuer Theoretische Chemie”, T. U. Stuttgart; Dir. Prof. Dr. H. Preuss.

February 1970 Obtained the “Lehrauftrag” for the subject “Molecular Orbital Theory” at the T.U. Stuttgart.

Nov. 1972       Awarded the “Dr. habil” and “venia legendi” for Theoretical Chemistry at Stuttgart, and subsequently the venia legendi for theoretical chemistry.

Academic Activity

January 1973   Joined the Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Baghdad, as member of staff. Field of teaching and research was “theoretical physical and organic chemistry”.

Nov. 1977       Became Full professor of Physical Chemistry at the College of Science, University of Baghdad

Jan. 1981-      Oct. 1988  Headed the Department of Chemistry, at the College of  Science, University of Baghdad.

April 1985 – Oct. 1988 Appointed Dean of the College of Science at the University of Baghdad.

Dec. 1988 – Feb. 1994  Appointed President of Saddam “Alnahrain” University.

Feb. 1994 –      Prof. for theoretical and physical chemistry, College of Science,.

                        University of Baghdad.

March 2012    Turned to the pension and appointed Prof. Emeritus . at the College.


1962 –              Member of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker.

1981-1988       Member of the Scientific Board of the National Research Council of Iraq.

1986-               Member of the International Academy of Theoretical                    

                        Organic Chemistry  (Toronto, Canada).

2001-               Member of the Islamic Academy of Science (Amman, Jordan).

2007-               Member of the Iraqi Scientific Council. (Majma’a Al-Ilmy)

20017-            elected member of the  council of the Islamic Academy of Science


1988                Obtained the Award of the Government of Iraq for the Propagation of Science.

1993                Obtained the medal of “Higher Order of Merit” of the Government of Iraq.

2000                Elected “Prime Professor” of the University of Baghdad and obtained the Award of the University.

Obtained the medal of the “ Higher Order of Merit” of the Government of Iraq, for the 2nd. time.

2002                Obtained the Order of Science “Wisam Al-Ilm”, rank “A” of the Republic of Iraq.

2003                Elected “Prime Professor” of all the Universities of the Ministry of Higher Education, Baghdad, for the Academic year 2001-2002.

Books edited.

Introduction to Quantum Chemistry, Arabic, Baghdad, 1979.

Instruction and Rules for the Work in Chemical Plants and Labratories. Translated from German, 1983

Computer Programming for Chemistry Students, Arabic, 1985.

Semiempirische SCf-MO Berechnung organischer Molekule, Habilitationschrift, 1972.

Conferences visited.

Over 65 conferences in various fields of chemistry.

Supervision of PhD. and MSc. Students,

more than 75 graduate students.

Main Field of Research. Quantum Chemical Treatment of The Structure and Reactivity of Molecules.

Publication.     More than 150 publications in the field of specialization.