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Prof. Ali Ali Hebeish


Born on 21 December 1936, at Mehalla El-Kubra, Gharbia, Egypt. He is married with 2 children.

He earned his BSc in Chemistry and Geology from Cairo University (1960) and an MSc in Applied Chemistry from the same university in 1965, PhD in Chemistry from Gujarat University in India in 1968 and DSc from Cairo University in 1983.

Prof. Hebeish was a Research Fellow, National Research Centre (NRC), Cairo, Egypt; 1960-1961; Associated Research, 1962-1967; Researcher, 1968-1974; Associate Professor, 1974-1979; Professor, 1979-1984; Under Secretary of State, Office of the President, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), Cairo, Egypt, 1985-1988; Vice-President,(ASRT), 1988-1991; President (ASRT), 1992-1996. He has been Emeritus Professor, NRC, since April 1996. He was a Fellow of the Alexander von Homboldt Foundation (1973-1975), carrying out research work on problems associated with easy care finishing of cotton and viscose rayon at Deutshes Textilforschungszentrum, Germany.

Dr Hebeish has over 360 publications to his credit both in his field of specialisation, “Textile Chemistry and Chemical Technology” and other fields, and has supervised over 65 MSc and PhD theses. He is also accredited with 9 patents and 9 books.

Dr Hebeish is a Fellow of both the African and The World Academy of Sciences. He is also an elected Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (1994).

As well as serving a tenure as a member of the Council of IFSTAD (1992-1996), Dr Hebeish also serves as President of the Egyptian Association for the Scientific Culture (1993-to date), and President of the Egyptian Textile Society (1993-todate).

He is the awardee of the state Prize in Chemistry, Egypt, 1972; Order of Science and Art, First Grade, Egypt, 1974; Order of the Republic – Second Grade- Egypt (1983) and the Prize of Production of the Republic of Egypt for the years 1985 and 1990.