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As an International organization, the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS) has been, since it was launched in 1986, establishing a foot-print as an international academy of sciences that serves the 57 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as well as OIC communities and scientists and technologists worldwide.


  • IAP Statement on Synthetic Biology


    Release Date:
    7 May 2014; 19:00 CET


    Prof. Volker ter Meulen

    IAP Co-chair

    Email: [email protected]
    Peter McGrath
    IAP Coordinator

    Email: [email protected], [email protected]

    Tel: +30 040 2240 571; +39 040 2240 680

     Trieste, Italy, 7 May 2014 – IAP – the ...

  • Muslim-Science.Com Science Writers Award

    AtharMuslim-Science.Com along with partner institutions Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS), Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF), CRDF Global (CRDF), John Templeton Foundation (JTF) as well as Khwarzimic Science Society (KSS) and Burraq Planetary Society bring to you Muslim-Science.Com’s Science Writers Award – an ...

  • WGII AR5 Final Drafts


    cover (1)

    The Final Draft Report, dated 28 October 2013, of the Working Group II contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Climate Change 2014:Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnera ability was accepted but not approved in detail by ...

  • New IAS Publication


    Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development in the Islamic World: The Policies and Politics Rapprochement


    Today, there are many issues plaguing the world, foremost among which are global poverty and environmental degradation, which are interlinked to sustainable development. A new international mindset is required ...

  • The University of Jordan (UJ) has awarded an Honorary Doctorate to IAS President, Prof. Abdul Salam Majali FIAS

    الأردنية تمنح المجالي درجة الدكتوراه الفخرية في العلوم الإدارية -1

    In the presence of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Ensour, The University of Jordan (UJ) on Tuesday has awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Management Science to former Prime Minister, Prof. Abdul Salam Majali, ...

  • Water shortages may spark violence worse than the Arab Spring

    Prince El-HassanRefugees from Syria are exacerbating a looming energy crisis that threatens to plunge the Middle East into a wave of violent uprisings far bloodier than the Arab Spring, Prince Hassan of Jordan
    has warned.

    Unless Arab states unite to solve the region’s increasingly acute shortages, they will be ...