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New IAS Publication

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Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development in the Islamic World: The Policies and Politics Rapprochement


Today, there are many issues plaguing the world, foremost among which are global poverty and environmental degradation, which are interlinked to sustainable development. A new international mindset is required that enables us as nations, acting collectively, to address such issues: to help the poorest countries to develop and to promote a fairer allocation of wealth and opportunity. We also need a new international consensus to protect our environment and combat the devastating impacts of climate change.


Aware of such realities, the IAS has decided to convene a multi-theme conference in the city of Kazan in Russia at the invitation of the President of Tatarstan to address such scientific themes and re-establish harmony between scientists, the decision-making community and the public, particularly in the domain of the environment. This is a particularly relevant issue for countries of the South, where many decision-makers have not seen the ‘light of science,’ in their quest to realise sustainable development. The conference also aimed to raise some questions on the storyline of Islamic science in the Islamic civilisation, and the relationship between science and the media.


This book includes the majority of the ‘thought-provoking’ papers that were presented at the 16th IAS Conference, which was held in Kazan (Tatarstan/Russia), during August 2008. A conference in which over 200 participants including IAS Fellows and invited speakers from outside Russia, academics, decision-makers, scientists, researchers as well as presidents/representatives of academies of sciences from all over the world, took part.


Copies available at US$30.00 inclusive of p&p from [email protected]