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From Science to Science Policy – One Man’s Passionate Journey: A Biography-cum-memoir of Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Omar Abdul Rahman FIAS

Written by iasworld on . Posted in News

Prof. Omar 001

Many may not realize that there was a man behind the scene who was actively bouncing ideas with me on the various STI initiatives which have now become reality. Tan Sri Omar Abdul Rahman was that man who helped create the many insturments and institution of STI which formed the key ecosystem for scientific innovation in the country. I knew him as a man of not so many words, but highly effective in harnessing the ideas of the scientific fraternity. We need more personalities like him to help drive the country’s STI agenda.

I hope this biography-cum-memoir will become a reference for those young scientists keen to pursue a career in science. The anecdotes about Tan Sri Omar should be known to all as important treasures of scientific planning experience for the country.

Congratulations Tan Sri!


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad